Arizona Healing Alternatives, LLC is relief for your mind, body and spirit.  Heather Wen is a Retired-Nurse & Nationally Certified Nurse Practitioner, Certified Total Body Modification (TBM) & Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner.  She spent over 22 years practicing in western medicine, and after being introduced to Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing, spent years verifying results before opening her practice in this alternative medicine in a framework called TBM.  The results for pain (both physical and emotional), allergies, chronic auto-immune diseases, emotional stress, weight loss struggles, anxiety, fatigue, and multiple other conditions were so amazing that she retired from western medicine to devote her entire time to this alternative medicine.  Her unique style of utilizing physical and emotional reprogramming techniques coupled with her strong intuitive sense provides a truly individualized healing experience on all levels for her clients. She is committed to bridging the gap for her clients between alternative and western healing methods through her passion for client advocacy.

Heather Wen
Arizona Healing Alternatives, LLC