PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Doug DeMuth with Edward Jones (623) 551-0523.
How can you stay on track with your financial goals? Doug has the answer!
Step 1: Where am I today?
We want to understand what’s important to you. Each time you and your financial advisor meet, you’ll discuss your needs and current financial picture.
Step 2: Where would I like to be?
By translating your needs into specific, measurable financial goals, you can easily track your progress over time.
Step 3: Can I get there?
Together with your financial advisor, you’ll review your current situation and consider potential solutions and strategies. If you wish, your financial advisor may involve your tax and legal professionals.
Step 4: How do I get there?
You have choices in how you can work together. Based on your priorities and preferences, you can select the account options and mix of investments and services that can help you achieve – and protect – your goals.
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