PBA tip of the Day brought to you by Scott Zychowski with Andrew Z Diamonds and Fine Jewelry 623-551-6892.
What should you do if your rings are leaving a green mark on your finger? Scott has the answer!
This common green stain is not harmful, so there is no need to panic. If it does appear, just remove the piece of jewelry causing the problem and it should fade away. If you are not allergic to metal, the reason for this reaction is chemical. It’s due to a combination of the metal and the acids in your skin. Keep your skin dry and keep soaps and lotions away from your ring finger if you want to prevent the green-finger effect. Typically gold won’t cause this stain, so if it really bothers you try to stay away from metals that are more prone to greenish tinges. Platinum and white gold are less likely to react with your skin. For more jewelry tips, contact Scott today!