PBA tip of the Day brought to you by Manny Chazan with Work Hard Play Hard Marketing (480) 825-1952.
What is something you can add to your promotional products to set them aside from the rest? Manny has the answer!
Personalize your products! While we are fond of our company logos, consumers LOVE to have their own names on their products. While adding your logo, add a personalized name to it as well. If you are giving away products at a trade show, where it is next to impossible to personalize on the spot, you can choose from the top 50 name list for your demographic. With personalized promotional products, you almost guarantee that your product will have a long life. Consumers will keep your logo on display, proudly! You can also give personalized promotional products away as a gift to say thank you for your business! For more promotional product ideas, give Manny a call today!