PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Dave Fox with FoxDesigns (623) 340-7455.
One thing that is true, there’s no second chance to make a great first impression. As a society we are bombarded by advertisements in every faucet of our lives; every product and ad screaming for our attention: “BUY ME”. But what causes someone to hold on to that business card, or remember that advertisement enough to talk about it later with friends? It’s the out-of-the-box ideas that are effective and considered successes these days. You don’t often see many television ads that stand out and in recent years the high-priced Super Bowl ads have seemed more of a Deja-Vu of years before that, all leaving us with the feeling of “eh”. One trend worth noting — the shock value. Companies have really strayed away from this form of advertising… but not GoDaddy and in recent years Carl’s Jr. with their racy ads. Consumers are more impressed with creativity than that “omg” ad.
Ads are different for each media type. When it comes to ads on the web, the goal is to keep it simple. Web ads are not print ads and vise versa. You want to grab the users’s attention and get them to WANT to find more information. The goal here is to certainly not list every service or product, but a clear call to action with fewer images will always work well; a reason or phrase that tells your potential customer to do something. These ads might not be enough to make you buy now, but if you’re loyal to your brand and it gets you thinking about their product, when you need it, they’re banking on your sale. And in the end, that web ad should link to a constructive, clearly laid out conversion page which has a whole science unto itself. For creative web advertising for your business, give Fox Designs a call today!