Owner, Rochelle Decker, designed a blend of vintage chic ambiance with carefully restored and artistically repurposed historic pieces into her life long dream salon. Rochelle was raised in her mother Yolanda’s very successful salon in New Mexico that served its community for over 3 decades. After having her own children, Rochelle realized her passion to preserve her Mother’s salon and began restoring the equipment she was trained with. “I have been a vintage collector for as long as I can remember and bringing back the history that fed me my knowledge has been one of the finer journeys in my life.  Now I have the pleasure of standing behind the very chair my Mother once did in such unpredicted parallel of her life.” Rochelle began her journey in the hair industry as an assistant in her Mother’s salon at the impressionable age of 12 and is now a third-generation stylist and salon owner in her family. Rochelle and her husband turned a labor of love into a fine piece of art at hair•n•dipity. Each and every piece designed into the salon has been restored to its original state by Rochelle and her husband Nate or repurposed into another piece of furniture to continue its use for years. Rochelle’s husband, Nate Decker, is a local photographic artist with a natural talent for photography and building almost anything. hair•n•dipity is an expression of this couples artistic minds.  “ Our goal was to design a salon that was not only close to my heart and an expression of my history, but a place that is designed to serve everyone in our community. A place of beauty, comfort, and equality.” hair•n•dipity effortlessly blends the finest Phoenix talent in hairstyling, esthetics, and Massage Therapist with a rare one-on-one experience in an atmosphere that is second to none.

4111 W. Innovative Dr.
Suite 112
Phoenix, Arizona 85086
United States

Tel:  623-551-0161
Email:  info@hairndipitysalon.com
Web:  www.hairndipitysalon.com