PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Jon Yorkis with Home Theater Plus (623) 853-6445.
What can you do to help soundproof a room for a home theater? Jon has the answer!
First step, DECORATE! If you have a room with more pictures, rugs and furniture it will help lower the sound echoing between the walls. Next step, weatherproof your doors. There are weatherproofing door jam and side strips that are easy to self install. Pick those up and weatherproof/soundproof your door.
If it is a bedroom door, you can pick up a simple room draft blocker. This will help eliminate escaping sound. Lastly, look into purchasing a sound blocking window treatment, if you have windows in the room This will really help keep outside sounds from interfering with the sound from your system. For all of your home theater hook-up needs, give Jon a call!