PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Chris Lamberti with Lambo’s Landscaping LLC (623) 210-9997.
What trees can you plant that are approved AND low litter? Chris has the answer!
The Cascalote, the Ironwood, and the Palo Blanco are all trees that are on the AMWUA low litter tree list. These trees are also approved through the ACCA. Finding a low litter, desert tree can be daunting. Especially if you have a pool. The nice thing about these trees listed is they are also on the low water use list. While these trees have less litter, they do have moderate growth cycles. They will need a moderate trim schedule. The more you maintain your landscaping, the less litter you will have. Give Chris a call today to set up a landscaping schedule that best suits your landscaping needs.