PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Mike Beebe with Osr Physical Therapy 623-551-9706.
One of the most common causes of back pain is your posture. Chances are, you just sat up a little straighter after you read that, right? When we talk about posture we often think about how we sit or stand. While sitting or standing still is certainly an important part of it, your posture affects how you walk, run, jump, lift, work, and perform nearly every daily activity in your life. What’s even more confusing, your posture while you sit at work may be impeccable, but your posture when you stand up out of your chair, get out of bed, or even sleep is different.
You may not immediately think about working with a physical therapist to achieve better posture. You should, though. A physical therapist is a movement expert, one that can identify weak areas and help you strengthen them. They can also help you increase flexibility, mobility, stability, and balance as well as help you relieve your back pain without pain medication.
Initially, your physical therapist will identify areas of weakness that are causing your back pain through functional testing and diagnostic imaging. They will then create a customized physical therapy plan targeted at improving your posture in all of your daily activities and strengthening weak core muscles. In the end, physical therapy will help relieve your back pain, improve your posture and help you be stronger in all aspects of your life.