PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Kurtis Myers with The Mattress Center (Anthem, AZ) (623) 551-7600.
Should you buy a box spring for your mattress? This is one of the most asked questions at a mattress store! If you set your mattress on an uneven or unsupported surface, it may cause premature sagging and a shorter lifespan than if it was used on a box spring. For this reason, many modern mattress warranties still require the use of a box spring as a universal standard for ensuring warranty claims were properly supported by a hard, flat surface. Mattresses that are compatible with adjustable bases have that alternative, while platform beds are another newer alternative that is acceptable in most cases in lieu of a box spring. If your new mattress’s warranty does not require a box spring. For more information on mattress options, give Kuris a call today!