PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Dick and Jill Tetsell with The Tetsell Team, Realty Executives (480) 227-6578.
Virtual tours are a fantastic way for potential buyers to get a look inside your home from the comfort of their home. Staging your home for a virtual tour is important. Try these prepping tips to get the most out of your virtual tour:
Remove clutter and tidy up the shelves.
Move excess furniture out of rooms. You want the space clean, open, and clutter-free (dog crates, tray tables, etc.).
Replace burnt out light bulbs (the photographer will need light in most rooms).
Put away pet toys, beds, bowls, etc.
Clean off kitchen counters; remove any clutter.
Make sure dirty/clean dishes are out of the sink & put away.
Remove magnets and items from outside of refrigerator.
Empty the garbage can.
Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored away.
Close toilet lid and empty the garbage.
Clean mirrors & glass surfaces.
Hang towels neatly from towel bar.
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