PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Sawana Grimmett LMT with The Salt Spa (480) 370-6349
Himalayan Salt Therapy has been around over 200 years. When disease was ruling over Europe, the people noticed that those working in the salt mines remained healthy.
The Russians were the first to develop the technology of Halotherapy and placed them in Hospitals and Health Clinics.
Today 1000s of facilities exist throughout the world in spas, fitness clubs, day cares, etc.
The therapy is received through a Halogenerator that pumps 99.9% sodium chloride in to the air of the “cave”. You inhale the microparticles in to your lungs which go in to your respiratory tract and remove the bad bacteria as you breath it back out.
The benefits impact your respiratory system, skin, immune system, cardiovascular system, autonomic neurological system, and mental-emotial state all in a positive way. Contact Sawana to schedule your appointment!