Dr. Kelli Meier is a Gentle Chiropractor in North Phoenix Arizona. She describes her region as Chiropractic Tramonto Arizona, serving the North Phoenix Valley, Anthem Arizona and Care Free Arizona. Her history includes marketing Consultant / Business Design Developer & Professional Artist. She has worked for multiple international companies focusing on international marketing and design for Japan, Germany, Budapest, Romania, Czeckoslovakia, Hawaii, & Canada.

Dr. Meier uses a Soft Prone Specific Adjusting Technique to relieve specific subluxations (bones out of place) in the spine & extremities w/o torquing, twisting or the use of excess force to the patient. She also is Advanced Proficiency rated in Activator Methods®, which is a hand held instrument assisted device she uses for the most delicate patients & extremity adjusting, as well as TMJ problems. With over 300 hours of acupuncture training, Dr. Meier’s protocol includes adjusting each patient followed by needle-less acupuncture to release endorphins & speed up the healing process to help treat over 2,000 conditions.

Phone: 602-635-2820
Address: 34406 N. 27th Dr., Bldg 4, STE 124, Phoenix, AZ 85085
Website: simplyindemandchiropractic.com