Change your physical address online! Not only on your physical website, but also Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus and any other social media sites you may have a page for your business. Even though you move your business space, try to keep your phone number if possible. This way people will still be able to contact your business through other means. Inform the government of your move, they will need to update your tax records. You will need to update every piece of marketing material you have as well as sending out a notification of your move. Tell community partners and friends that you have moved. They can help you spread the word for your business. Lastly, use social media as a tool to get the word out! Mailing out flyers can be quite costly, and you may lose the chance to grab your client’s attention. Especially, if they are bogged down with mailers every day. Use social media and post daily updates about your move. Show pictures of the new space and post events you may be having! Moving a business can be difficult, but when done right it can be a great step for your business!