PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Chris Seely with Wilhelm Automotive Anthem and Cave Creek 623-551-7474.
It is not always easy to keep on top of, but it is a proven fact that keeping up to date with your Oil changes is one of the least expensive, most effective ways to keep your engine running at peak performance. It also has a very important role is extending the life of your vehicle. Take care of your vehicle, and you will be rewarded with more extended miles on your older vehicles.
Let’s break it down into a few more details on exactly what changing your engines oil actually does;
When? – Every vehicle is different, but one thing is clear nowadays, MOST vehicles do not require a change every 3,000 miles like all auto repair shops used to recommend. So, our advice would be to check your vehicles owner’s manual or ask any of Wilhelm’s customer service advisors for recommendations.
Why? – It keeps the engine clean and the Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine.
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