PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Gina Quinn and Ryan Scully with True Fitness LLC (623) 328-7109.
There are plenty of reasons diet goals fail! Try these two alternatives to the common diet goal fails. The goal is UNSPECIFIC. For example, to say I want to “be healthier” is too vague. What does that mean?? How do you do that? Be more specific. Something like, “I will eat a green leafy vegetable with dinner every night”, or for some of you just to EAT dinner every night would be a win! The idea is to state your goal as specifically as possible.
The goal is UNREALISTIC. So you’re going to get in the gym 5x/week and finally get in shape? If you used to go to the gym once a week or not at all, setting a goal of 5 days a week is ridiculous. Try starting with 2 times a week and work up from there. Making your routine much more achievable will set you up for success! For more healthy living tips, give True Fitness a call today!