PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Caine Peterson with Dirty Windows Gone Clean (602) 529-6919.
Why is it important to have your window screens cleaned? Caine has the answer! The dirtier the screen, the shorter its lifespan. If you aren’t cleaning window screens fairly regularly, you are exposing to much more than dirt. Dust, debris, and other bio-matter gets lodged in dirty screens, and these substances can start to wear out your screens over time.

In addition, the visible effect that dirty window screens has on the condition of your windows is a real problem. Most people confuse rainfall as the catalyst for dirty windows, thinking the rain water falling from the sky to be contaminated. In fact, the real problem is not the rain itself, but the condition of your window screens. Rain does not directly make your windows dirty; instead, it is the combined action of rain hitting your dirty screens and spattering grimy water onto your windows that does it. To set up an appointment for quality window and screen cleaning, give Caine a call today!