PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by David Coleman with Precise Pest Solutions (602) 487-7312.
Black Widow spiders are a common spider in the Phoenix area. While there is no 100% effective way too keep them from coming into your house, there are some steps to help prevent them from entering unwanted areas.
Caulk and seal cracks and crevices outside your home, and make sure the weather stripping around your doors does not have any gaps and is not worn. You can also remove black widows’ outdoor habitats by getting rid of wood, rock and garbage piles or moving them a safe distance away from your home. Keeping your landscaping well maintained and trimmed back at least 6 inches from your home or building will also help. Getting rid of clutter, and boxes will also help. Basically eliminating common hiding places, as these particular spiders prefer to build their webs behind clutter.