Before you do…

At ProSkill Plumbing and Air, our customers often experience common problems that come up right after closing on their new home. Unexpected failures in Heating and Cooling Systems, Water Treatment Systems and Main Line Sewer issues are costly. These issues can go undetected as these systems are not professionally evaluated during the course of a standard home inspection.

To make matters worse, these are pre-existing conditions and the repairs are often not covered by home warranty policies. Protect your investment and possibly save yourself TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in unforeseen repairs by having ProSkill professionally inspect and evaluate the following three items…

  1. Air Conditioning Inspection – With the age of the homes in Anthem and surrounding areas increasing, many AC systems are literally on their last legs. During a normal home inspection, the AC is only visually inspected and a temperature split is taken. This does not ensure proper operation and major problems are often missed. With a new AC system starting around $5,000 it’s easy to see why these systems should be inspected prior to completing the purchase of the home.
  2. Main Line Camera Drain Inspection – Major main line drain issues are becoming increasingly more prevalent in Anthem. Common issues include: root intrusion, collapsed piping, and back sloped piping in the line due to soil settling. These issues can be existing and the drainage system can still function to a degree that a home inspector could potentially miss the condition. Cost for repairs of this nature can start at $2,500 and go as high as $15,000.
  3. Water Treatment Systems Inspection – Water softener and reverse osmosis maintenance is often neglected leading up to the sale of a home. This can cause irrevocable damage to the softener, especially if it has ran out of salt for an extended period of time. Reverse Osmosis Systems are recommended to be serviced annually, however this too is often overlooked. By measuring water quality and inspecting the systems we can ensure proper operation. If problems are found, repair or replacement can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.