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Are there any negatives to streaming instead of cable or satelite? Jon has the answer!
Of course there are downsides to both. If you want to ditch your cable bill, you’ll need to be willing to make some compromises on what you can watch and how soon you can get it. Even through subscription services, TV shows typically aren’t posted online until the day after they’ve aired, and free services often post them a week after the air date. In addition to delays, getting what you want to watch where you want to watch it can be difficult. Each network and streaming service provider has different means of access, some of which are only available on your computer, some of which may be available through a service like Hulu, and some of which may be accessible through special apps. If you want a living room experience, you’ll want to purchase some kind of media streamer to get content on your television. Though a great way to access content, each device offers its own restrictions as to which services it can access–though all will connect to streaming mainstays Netflix and Hulu, you’ll have to pay attention to be sure you can access the content you want. Streaming is not entirely the same and there are definitely some downfalls to cutting the ties. Give Jon a call today to get your home theater fully set up in the way that will suit YOUR needs best!