PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by David Giovanni with Custom Pools for Less (949) 212-8080.
Here’s some food for thought: a salt water pool isn’t necessarily better than a chlorine pool. In fact, a saltwater pool system is almost the same, considering it turns the pool salt into chlorine. With that said, salt water pools have significantly less chlorine in them than traditional chlorine pools. This is a nice feature for people who have sensitive skin and react poorly to chemicals. You might want to think about how long you are going to have your pool. A salt water generator is much more expensive in the initial cost factor, but should pay for itself over time when you consider how many chemicals you’ll need to purchase over time for the ladder. Fun fact: salt water pools kill chloramines faster than chlorine pools. At the end of the day, it may be a toss up on what’s better for you. Saltwater pools require cleaning once a year and it’s pretty expensive, while on the other hand chlorine pools require constant monitoring and balancing with chemicals. Contact David for help with designing your dream pool!