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If you have an ecommerce site, you’ll want to set monetary values using ecommerce first. After this you can setup goal funnels, if they apply.
Goal funnels are great for seeing if users are following a specific path – visiting a set of particular page before your goal is “complete”. For example, you want them to visit the homepage and then instantly go to your quote page; they’re following the path you would want them to. Or, maybe it’s them going through your entire product checkout process. This can be insightful – are they leaving before checking out? If so, where are they going? Finding out data that actually helps your business is so much more important than seeing what traffic you’re getting. This is why we love Google Analytic Goals. Contact us today and we can get you setup with this awesome tool so you can start really taking control of the data and invaluable information that is out there for your website!