Carpets by Randy

When CARPETS by RANDY was established, it was founded on the cornerstone of quality and personalized customer service that’s unmatched with other companies. I’m proud to say I’ve maintained that standard still today. Unlike many big box companies, I’ve worked hard to develop a unique relationship with each customer. I truly enjoy getting to know everyone I work with and what I’ve learned, truly amazes me.

Each of my customers helps to reveal something of myself and my business. They help me see things in a light I’d never considered before, and for that, I am forever grateful. From greeting cards in the mail, to referrals with friends, relatives and business associates, my customers each show their satisfaction in some of the most priceless ways that helps to give my job meaning and helps to make even the toughest and most challenging days enjoyable.

Carpets by Randy – 602-757-2277