PBA Tip of the Day brought to your by Ron Walters with Double D Services Inc (602) 944-0506. Stucco is one of the most common exterior finishes in the Phoenix area. There’s a reason for that; the material is highly durable even under the valley’s extreme weather conditions. However, even though it looks great and holds up well under the relentless Phoenix sun, stucco isn’t the easiest surface to paint.Stucco is especially susceptible to three main finish issues: cracking, fading, and efflorescence (salt crystal deposits, which typically appear as a powdery, whitish stain).The nature of stucco coating also means that it attracts and holds onto dirt, sand, and dust. That means a lot of cleaning before you begin to paint. If you’re painting a stucco home, expect surface prep time to take nearly as long as painting does. Double D painting prides themselves on making sure the surface of the exterior of the home is fully prepped before they start painting. Contact Ron today for more information on painting your home exterior!