PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Kurtis Myers with The Mattress Center – Anthem (623) 551-7600.
Why are adjustable beds a good option? Kurtis has the answer!
The ability to adjust the height of various parts of your body will give you greater control of your circulation, making life easier for your heart, which is always a good thing. This also allows you to directly affect problem areas, such as legs, by raising them above your heart. This can also help with arthritis. Better control of blood flow coupled with removed stress from areas suffering from arthritis or aches will help minimize and alleviate joint pain. Raising or lowering parts of your body lets your shift your weight, thus taking the weight off of areas of the body experiencing pain, such as the lower back. Along with all of the above benefits, the adjustable mattress can also help alleviate some snoring and acid re-flux issues. For more information on these beds, give Kurtis a call today!