PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Alex Fleshman with Ironman Pool Service, LLC (623) 221-5011.
What should you remember when dealing with the chemicals in your pool during the Arizona winter? Alex has the answer!
First make sure you are keeping the proper PH levels in your pool. Maintaining these levels throughout winter will make getting back into the pool during warmer months much easier. Typically, levels should be tested as often as once per week.
It is also important to know that you can cut down the amount of chlorine you add to your pool. Once you’ve achieved the proper pH balance you can cut the frequency of your pool’s chlorine. Typically the ultraviolet rays from the sun breakdown and evaporate the chlorine. Since there is not as much direct sunlight, or people swimming in the pool as often, you can reduce the quantity and frequency of adding chlorine. Give Alex a call today to schedule your pool service, and rest assured that your water chemical levels will be maintained properly!