PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Kurtis Myers with The Mattress Center – Anthem (623) 551-7600.
What should you consider when you are buying a mattress for your child/ren? Kurtis has the answer!
A study done by The Better Sleep Council showed that over 45% of children reported better grades in school when they got more sleep throughout the week! Choosing the best mattress for your child is vital, the correct level of support is important during growth spurts and will also aid a peaceful night’s sleep which will benefit the whole family. When purchasing a new mattress, it’s always a good idea to invest in a mattress protector at the same time, this will make your mattress last longer and help to maintain its waterproof qualities. A good quality mattress protector offers the added advantage of acting as an anti-allergy barrier, protecting your family from dust mites, a major cause of asthma and hay fever. For more tips on buying a mattress for children, give Kurtis a call today!