PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Mark Hughes with Rain Man Roofing and Waterproofing Services 623-670-2835.
Is your Steep Slope Tile Roof Monsoon Ready?
(concrete, clay or sandcast)!
– Check the eaves around your house for evidence of water intrusion and damaged wood decking.
– Check to make sure all gutters and drains are free of debris.
– Check key waterways such as valley water ways and dead valley water ways.
– Check for shifted, broken and or displaced roof tiles.
– Check for uplifted and or damaged roof flashings.
– Check for overhanging tree and branches and vegetation.
The key component on a sloped roof is the waterproofing material that is unforeseen until you remove the tiles to check its condition. Tiles are designed to protect the underlayment from the elements.
Only a licensed roofer should check your underlayment! Contact Mark today for a thorough roof inspection.