PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Joe Soltys with Assist Locksmith LLC (602) 315-3876.
Why is your key not turning on your lock? Joe has the answer!
The most common reasons locks get stick is simply, they are dirty or possibly even rusty and also may need a lubricant. A simple cleaning of the lock can help alleviate the stiffness of the lock. Get a screwdriver and remove the screws holding the lock on your door. Leave the lock in the door but only remove the cover and other parts to get in to clean it. Use a dry rag and rub through all of the parts. If there is gunk that is hard to remove with a rag, a lock cleaner can be purchased for some of the hard to remove dirt. Lastly, A dry graphite lubricant will lubricate the inside of the lock making it easier to unlock. Dry powdered graphite will not cause any of the internal lock parts to stick as it is dry and will not attract dirt and dust.