PBA Tip of the Day brought to you by Travis Ringe with ProSkill Plumbing, Heating & Air (623) 551-7473.
Saver choice:
– no demand charge
– on peak: $0.24314 kWh
– off peak: $0.10873kWh
Saver choice plus:
– $8.40/kWh demand charge
– on peak: $0.1316 kWh
– off peak: $0.07798 kWh
Saver choice max:
– $17.438/kWh demand charge
– on peak: $0.08683 kWh
– off peak: $0.05230 kWh
If you are supercooling and keeping demand low, then max is the best plan 100%. You can check your demand by going to your APS account, clicking my energy and clicking hourly usage. Then click the demand charge tab and it’s an interactive graph. The green areas are on-peak hours, make sure your demand is below 5kwh, preferably 1-3. If that’s the case, you will save money being on the max plan.
Lastly, supercooling is cheaper for part time residents than turning the thermostat way up, so if you leave town and turn it way up, it would be better to super cool with higher temps, like 78 off peak to 90 on peak 👍🏻.
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