Set up an entirely different account from your checking or savings account dedicated entirely to your vacation fund. This way you will be less likely to dip into the vacation fund when you need money. Set up an automated deposit account. Decide how much money you have to allocate to your vacation fund and have it automatically deposited into a savings account. Try traveling to your destination on the “off season.” This will help give you a bigger savings, which in turn means less money to save! Check to see if your credit card offers reward points, and try using them towards your vacation. Check your current expenses and see if there is anything you can cut out. For example, can you make your lunches at home rather than grabbing a sandwich from the local sandwich shop every day. Lastly, try taking advantage of free entertainment. Sign up for a library card. The libraries have a lot of dvd’s that can be rented instead of paying for a rental every weekend. Every little bit will help! With these small changes, you will be on your vacation in no time!